Emergency Response

One Industrial Services, LLC (OIS) handles the unexpected. When an incident occurs that causes damage to a plant, typically this damage is due to the presence of fire. The fire could originate from numerous sources, such as a gas leak, oil spill, material or equipment failure and even operator error. We take time to understand your view of the incident and the far reaching impact on your operations. Our strength lies in bringing an objective and analytical approach to the incident. We have the knowledge to guide you through what can be a difficult process for the community, staff and craft workers.

OIS knows that time is critical if the plant is to be made "safe" and operational in the shortest duration possible. There are many activities unique to emergency rebuild projects that must occur to support the plant reinstatement. OIS is the leader in fire rebuilds and can help guide you through the steps that need to be taken to handle the emergency quickly and cost-effectively.

Experienced and Fast

For any unexpected event, the ability to react quickly is critical. OIS is a proven performer in rapid mobilization. We respond quickly with equipment and experienced craft personnel.

Site Survey Visit

In order to develop an overview of the situation, we first conduct a site survey visit. This is the first step in determining the appropriate course of action, which usually includes these activities:

Damage Assessment Program

The core of our process is the Damage Assessment Program. Within this program we document the following items: