Power Services

One Industrial Services, LLC (OIS), through its business group OIS Power Services®, has a reputation in the power industry for consistently delivering cost-efficient, innovative solutions that meet our clients' needs. With over 45 years of experience in the power industry, OIS offers a complete range of specialty services, including maintenance, retrofit, outage, and construction.

The first priority of OIS Power Services is to maintain an incident-free work environment. Our established safety programs require all employees to learn and practice OSHA guidelines from the beginning of their employment. To provide the latest in industry safety and technology, we hold an annual training week for all project managers, superintendents, general foremen, and foremen. From project planning to site inspection, safety is the most vital aspect of every project.

Mechanical Services

OIS Power Services has broad experience in major mechanical and boiler maker services. One example is pressure part work that involves replacement, modification, and repair performed at scheduled outages, forced outages, or general boiler inspections. In addition, our personnel have maintained their skills in heavy rigging, allowing on-site skilled craft to be cross-utilized.

Our mechanical services encompass the following:

Fabrication, Piping, And Welding

We maintain more than 1,500 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code-qualified weld procedures for carbon steel, chrome alloys, inconel, stainless steel, high-nickel alloys, and other exotic metals, and our welders are tested and certified to the highest levels of quality and performance. Therefore, OIS can provide a comprehensive solution to any boiler requirement. Our solutions are supported by solid talent in cost-effective detailing, procurement, steel fabrication, high-energy piping fabrication, project management, planning, scheduling, and quality control.

Power Industry Experience - New and Retrofit